educate your heart

The 4 Minutes Read To Educate Your Heart

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes In this age, we’ve forgotten to help people selflessly. Even if one helps us, instantly our mind starts doing reasoning to know about the reason behind his compassion. We see everything as a business and weigh it with loss and profit. No doubt, we are technologically developed, but psychologically we […]

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Short Non-fiction books

7 Excellent Short Self-Help Books To Change Your Life

The common question I’ve been asked many times that what is the one key that will develop individual’s personal and professional life. Well, the only answer is positive messages. One of the biggest and definite philosophies I’ve read is the universe is not punishing us or blessing us. The universe is just responding to the […]

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book improved life

The Book that Improved My Life – June

Books have always been my best companion in life. I did no reading in school, but later when I admitted to college I found my interest in reading. The truth was I was somewhat confused in my thoughts and detested living without any aim in life. From childhood, people loved spending time with me, as […]

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The Girl in Gol Bazaar, Ganganagar

Dawn crept quietly over the sleeping Ganganagar. I saw father waddling about the house, rubbing his hands under the nipping blanket of winter. Though he was covered up with an overcoat over a couple of warm shirts, he was quivering and looked somewhat frail.             I climbed down my bed and walked to verandah. I […]

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