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The 4 Minutes Read To Educate Your Heart

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In this age, we’ve forgotten to help people selflessly. Even if one helps us, instantly our mind starts doing reasoning to know about the reason behind his compassion.

We see everything as a business and weigh it with loss and profit. No doubt, we are technologically developed, but psychologically we are getting worse day-by-day.

A few years ago, I was confused, how some people are spiritually strong and how some are very corrupt. Oftentimes, I’ve heard that Gita is the way of living and in it lays an answer to our every problem. I made a point to read it.

In chapter 6, verse 41 to 45, of Gita I found myself reading:

‘Those unsuccessful in realization in this life will be reborn. Their efforts will not go to waste. They will ensure they are born into a wise family, where they can strive again. They will be driven to wisdom on account of memories and impressions of previous lives. By striving through many lives, they untangle themselves to unite with divinity.”

However, I’m still doubtful whether the people who fail in realization will reborn or not.

To date, I’ve never taken spirituality as a way of completion. For me, spirituality is an art of living whose only motive is to spread kindness, love, and brotherhood in the nation.

From my parents, I learned kindness and simplicity in living, but rarely had I been instilled with the words of wisdom by anyone.

As a child, I was taught grades were everything; later as a college student, friends and family told a college degree was everything. Now, I’m frequently reminded why government job is everything and how can I make millions.

It was only the books through which I acquired all the knowledge. I never doubted in educating the mind. But, I also cannot question the words of Aristotle, ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is waste.’

My mother was a Hindu who loved Bhagwan. My father was from a Sikh family and worshiped Rabb. Whereas my mother was persuading me to worship her God, my father taught me how curses directly coming from innocent people’s hearts can destroy anyone’s life so I must never do wrong with anyone and make this my religion.

Through the spiritual lessons of a Hindu mother and a Punjabi father, I grew up with an educated heart.

Knowledge without wisdom is not knowledge; an educated man without an educated heart is not educated. The educated heart is one who treats everyone equally with tenderness.

A poem titled Malice-Free Heart was taught to every class in my school. I memorized wholeheartedly.

Being kind to the family is natural.

Being kind to the friends can be a necessity.

Being kind to the colleagues at work

Maybe an attempt to look smart and witty.

But being kind to strangers is an act that will set you apart

From every other person because

It shows that you have a malice-free heart.

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