The Loss Of Mintu’s Shoes And Mind

By the end of January, the marriage functions in India reach its zenith. And then there are millions of stories of sorrows and joys of families and friends attending the occasion originates. Every guest, suited and booted in branded and not-so-branded clothes have a story behind their excitement to look better than others. And such is the story of Mintu, a tall, slim, bespectacled boy, once fat and poor postured, excited about the upcoming betrothal of his friend’s sister to be held at Bikaner, a city in the northwest Rajasthan.

“Mintu,” said Aashish, a brown-complexion, curly-headed boy caressing his moustache emulating the Punjabi actors, standing with one feet on the stair, facing Mintu, who was rationing himself with egg whites, feeding the yolk to the dog standing nearby, and another feet on the ground, outside Chachu’s Egg Stall . “What are you wearing for the wedding?”

Aashish picked up an egg from his plate and immediately put it into the mouth, passing a mischievous smile.

Chal bhosadi k (Go away, of cunt’s), if you don’t want me to slay you,” said Mintu flinging his hands from the dish.

Aashish, ignoring the insult, picked another egg and gnawed it down the throat. And then another one immediately, laughing with the chock full of egg and yolk.

Mintu passed a slaughtering look before ordering five more eggs. Aashish made his space beside Mintu and sat down. “What are you wearing for the wedding?” asked Aashish again.

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Mintu, still annoyed, replied sharply, “Formal Coat-Pants.”

“And Chacha?” asked Aashish about Vinayak, another friend, who had been called Chacha for his resemblance of the owner of Chachu’s Egg stall, a bald-headed man.

“Formal Coat-Pants,” Mintu replied and tossed egg yolk towards the hunger-stricken black dog which is now competing with two more mongrels and a bitch.

“And Soni?” asked Aashish.

“Formal Coat-Pants,” replied Mintu.


“Formal Coat-Pants.”


“Formal Coat-Pants.”


“Formal Coat-Pants.”

Aashish was bewildered for a moment. He moved his attention from the eggs and looked hard at Mintu, ensuring if he is sane. Mintu seemed to be lost.

The thought of wedding reminded Mintu of the shoes he had to purchase. He already possessed two pair of black leather shoes, which he learned, were an incorrect fit for his grey coat and black shirt and trouser. Both the shoes look alike. The only difference was the shoelaces – while one with them and another is plane jet black. The problem was that he had never found any other color more appealing then black. Like every other brown-complexion Indian, Mintu, agreed that dark color clothes suited him more. He would visit different shops and try a dozen colors before choosing the black leathers.

Aashish pulled the sideburns of Mintu to bring him back into the conversation. Mintu shouted with pain and was madder ever. Aashish laughed and as soon as he began to climb down the stairs to escape Mintu’s rage, Mintu threw his hands behind is head. Aashish bore the pain and laughed even louder. Annoyed Mintu stood on his foot to charge him, but Aashish stayed out of his reach, chuckling, jogging sideways. Mintu’s big structure and height constricted his agility.

“Come here, Bhanchod, come here!” shouted Mintu.

“I’m not… I’m not… I’m not…” Aashish guffawed uncontrollably, celebrating his ability to drive people mad. The dogs were terrified. Suddenly, the poor black dog seemed to get an invisible strength and ran away behind the car at the other corner of the road. The customers around the stall were surprised. Mintu looked around and felt awkward while Aashish continued cheering his accomplishment.

“Arey, Mintu,” a voice from behind the stall came out.

Mintu and Aashish turned around and found Gopal coming towards them.

To Be Continued…. 😛

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