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How To Think Big And Achieve Big – Steps Towards Greatness

Oftentimes, we’ve heard successful people and leaders suggesting us to think big in order to achieve big. Buddha said too, ‘what you think you become.’ A lot of books have been also written on the philosophy behind our thoughts — Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, You Can Heal Your Life, The Secret.

In Sanskrit, the thoughts are called as Chitta. Chitta is a force like gravitation, repulsion, and attraction. Through Prana and Akash comes the cosmic mind from where all the thoughts arise.

While sleeping these thoughts possess electromagnetic energy. Then the energy goes into the ether. There is no perfect word for either. Some call it the sky and some as space. Through cosmic current, these thoughts come back to us and that which has imagined will surely and certainly be manifested.

Law of Attraction to Think Big and Achieve Big

Law of attraction states that like attracts like. By thinking positive or negative, a man attracts positive or negative experiences in his life. The term law of attraction first appeared in a book written by Helena Blavatsky.

Lucky people are lucky through the law of attraction. They attract luck, people, man and everything in the world with their thoughts.

One of the amazing books I’ve read on the philosophy of Law of attraction is Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Thoughts of courage, inspiration, harmony, are substituted for thoughts of failures, despair, limitation and discord.

Think big because as an old saying tells ‘Whatever a man soweth that shall he also reap.’

Think Big and Achieve Big: Albert Einstein’s Quote

The most famous quote of Albert Einstein is, ‘Imagination is better than knowledge.’ Many people just read the thoughts, but fail to know the real theory behind the quotes. We just read them and then scroll down.

Each and every quote we read in magazines, newspaper, and on the internet have very deep meaning. If we contemplate on only one quote, we can write a whole book on that concept, and that is how the discoveries have been made.

Scientist place physics, chemistry and other subjects before them and then start studying it. They push the study forward. One day, they go beyond the subject and discover something new.

Once, I asked my friend why Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is better than knowledge.’  He is the laziest person I’ve ever known on this planet. He said, ‘see that cloud, it looks as if a big wild elephant is eating a small dog. If you’ve knowledge you know that elephants are vegetarian, but if you’ve imagination you can go beyond knowledge.’

On hearing his concept, another quote from Albert Einstein passed my mind. ‘Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity… and I’m not sure about the universe.’

My friend’s answer might be a genius one, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life in believing that it is stupid, said Einstein.

Knowledge is the only weapon that can shape our lives in an awesome way. Without knowledge, life is just like an empty vessel which makes most noises. Haven’t you seen how politicians create conflict in the nation by putting rubbish in the head of poor and uneducated people?

Knowledge cannot be taken away from anyone. Our knowledge is like a candle that kindles candles of people surrounding us without losing its own light.

How Knowledge comes from Thinking Big. How we can Achieve Big by Thinking Big.

If we contemplate on the quote by Einstein, ‘Imagination is better than knowledge,’ we can understand that the best source of knowledge is imagination. When we imagine big and take actions to manifest it, we get knowledge.

Desires and imaginations to achieve big in life force us to study hard and get knowledge. Imagine big and you will be automatically forced to strive for knowledge.

The people, who don’t imagine that they can live a good life, never attain think-big-achieve-bigknowledge which is a tangible asset.

Think big and develop the passion for personal responsibility, strive for knowledge and achieve it. We face failure because of the lack of knowledge and training. I recall reading somewhere, ‘The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.’

5 steps to Think Big and Achieve Big

Work with Passion: Man who cannot work with his heart achieve but a hollow, half-hearted success. Whatever you do in life, do with passion. I’ve met a mathematician who can explain each and every aspect of life in the form of numbers. Read more on how passion attracts wisdom in life.

Work with Desire: You need to develop an intense desire to achieve big in life. Intense desire means burning desire. To think big and achieve big, master the art of desire and expectations. Become one with yourself.

Work with Diligence: If you are not facing disappointments in your work, you are not giving your best. Face disappointments. It is necessary for the process. Work with diligence. To mould the gold in different shapes, it must be passed through fire. Do Tapsyaa (Time spent in the fire).

Work with Knowledge: Think big, get the required knowledge to achieve big. Walk with time, the more up-to-date knowledge you possess the freer you are. Read how to become an Expert Artist.

Work with Patience: It does not happen quickly and immediately, but it will happen someday. Spend your time less in thinking and more about creating. Don’t think about what will happen next week. Think about what you can do this week. A good today creates good tomorrow. Everything is possible with patience and hope.

Think Big and Achieve Big: A poem by MCrae

‘By the thoughts we think and the words we say

We’re creating the world every day.

What are the thoughts that we don’t see, that hold us in the misery?

Once we know we’re writing the script,

May be we’ll change the language a bit.

You see words like try and words like fate, they keep us living n the same old state.

Words like could and words like should,

They keep us living in the same neighbourhood.

Then we want to search the clouds,

And yell and scream and pray out loud.

And responsibility we deny

But we’re the one speaking the lie.

What is your philosophy behind our thoughts? How one can remain positive whole day long? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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