Top 2 Ways Towards Self-Improvement — My Life Lessons

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” — Joseph F. Newton Men

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell

I’ve seen a few failures and did millions of mistake in my life. I don’t have any regrets. I did what I felt is true. Above all, I learned the secrets of life which helped me in becoming a better person.

Through my own stories, I would like to share you the top two ways which promise to improve anyone’s life.

I was an average student in my school and college. I never took interest in studying, but I was always curious to learn about everything. I always had piles of question along with me and I put it on my father’s head every time whenever he came before me.

My father answered my doubts as much as he could. When he got exhausted, he dodged me by telling that with the time I would understand everything.

When I went to my mother with my doubts, she scolded me. She had always pointed me as a nalaayak and shouted it is better for me to focus on my studies, instead of asking foolish questions.

My sister was industrious. Whenever she scored well in exams, she placed a chance before my mother to rebuke me.

My mother had never seen anything in me other than a nalaayak.

Later, for the whole two days, I continuously asked my father if I was a fool. Annoyed by my queries, he finally said, ‘Yes, you are a fool.’ I got disappointed, but then I accepted myself as a nalaayak.

For my mother, education is getting good grades. She got upset when my friends scored better than me.

My father was entirely different. He never took both grades and my mother seriously. He was satisfied on looking me as an average student. If I scored less, he would ask me to score well in the next try. He never discouraged me.

Truly, I cannot deny the fact that it was only my mother who made me study. I was always afraid of my mother and this fear never went off from me to this day.

I was a school student and immature. I never valued the importance of education. I’m grateful, through my mother I’ve understood the significance of it. Now, I’m a lifelong learner and try my best to not let the time go in vain.

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I’ve strong belief, in order to grow a child with discipline, one of the parents either father or mother must be strict. The strict parent will teach the child what is the most important part in life. The soft parent will help the child how not to miss the important fun in life.

I had never used the alarm to wake up during my school days. As my mother was a teacher, she got up early in the morning. Then she sonorously sang the words of Chanakya until I stood up from my bed:

Sukhaarthee Chet Tyejedviddyaam Viddyaarthee Chet Tyajettsukam

Sukhaartheenah Kuto Viddyaa Kuto Viddyaarthinah

(If one craves for comfort, then he should drop the idea of studying and if one wants to study sincerely then he should stop craving for comfort. One cannot get comfort and education simultaneously.)

The alternative of the above hymns were:

Shiksha Ki Jade Kadven Hoti Hai, Magar Uska Fal Mitha Hota Hai.

(The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweeter.)

To improve my life, I heard what my parents said. Often, children go against their parents and never care to listen to them. I was among those children.  But later, I tried to understand what they were saying. No one can be a better counsellor than parents. If listen to them, we can live a great life.

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During my second year of graduation, I took interest in reading books. Books have always been my great support. Through the words of the great people, I found my own journey.

The words of A.P.J Abdul Kalam have made an immense impact on my life. Unlike A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who had always found a mentor to push him to his limits, I never found anyone who could understand me. Though many people supported me materially, everyone ignored my ideas and works.

This benefitted me. I learned to create own deadlines and pushed myself to achieve them. I developed the habit of patience, hard work and self-discipline by own. I promised myself to help everyone who has a mind to dream and courage in the heart to act.

The words in Gita gave me solace from time-to-time, ‘Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.’

Like the best companion, books improved my life tremendously. I owe everything to the writers who have changed my life. Now, I’ve begun seeing the life in a new way.

  1. Spend a few hours every day with your parents and ask about their perspective towards life. Parents will never lie to you. They want to see you as a grown up man. Remember a wise man is one who learns from other people’s mistake.
  2. Whatever I’ve achieved in life is only because of the habits my parents built in me. As a kid, I didn’t know about the value of education. My parents helped me in developing a keystone habit of learning and digesting knowledge.
  3. Through self-discipline, I created the habit of reading books which entirely changed my life.
  4. Books and parents are the two wonderful advisors.

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