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5 Simple Yet Phenomenal Ways To Transform Your Hard Work Into Easy Work

I take pride in calling myself a person who works hard. Without hard work, it was difficult to start this website and build readers. Moreover, I cannot recall the day, in the last five years, when I missed reading. I still read one or two books a week.

Apart from reading books and blogs on the internet, I invest my time in taking online courses and watching webinars.

In the past few years, I made a lot of sacrifices in my life.

I graduated as an engineer and left it to follow my love for literature.

I left watching movies which were one of my favorite time-pass sources. I stopped making new friends, for it creates chaos in life, and you need to give your time to build the relationships.

Instead, I invest my time in relationships which are at hand. Often most we get too busy in building new relationships that we forget about the people who care for us – our parents, spouse, children, old friends, etc.

Above all, I use the time in developing remarkable habits that I think will have a long-term effect. Hard work is required to build life-transforming habits. But you can transform your hard work into easy work by following the below listed five simple ways.

1. Don’t pursue different direction like a donkey

Once, a donkey was standing halfway between a pile of hay and a bucket of water. He was hungry as well as thirsty, wishing to have both. So he was confused on what to consume first, hay or water. He kept asking himself, hay or water, hay or water.

Unable to decide, the donkey died of both thirst and hunger. He could eat the hay as well as drink the water if he had not wasted time in thinking.

A couple of years ago, I behaved like a donkey. Every morning, I stuffed my to-do-list with a lot of work and got overwhelmed.

Reading, writing, exercising and meditation was hard work for me. I used to look at my to-do-list, unable to act upon it.

Then I made a point to stop pursuing so many directions. I created a daily routine.

  • Meditation
  • Read for an hour
  • Write for an hour
  • Exercise

I kept practicing meditation on the first as it helps me in avoiding the feeling of overwhelming. After doing meditation, I can focus on other tasks more patiently.

2. Travel through harder to easier

Bad habits bring short-term pleasure, the instant rewards. Eat sweets, chocolates, fast food, and you’ll be delighted. But over time, they bring disaster to physical and mental health.

Good habits, on the other hand, seem painful at first, but bring freedom in the long term. Take exercise as an example. For the first few weeks, you can’t feel like going to the gym and lifting the dumbbells. But after a month, you’ll develop exercise into your habit.

As I go through my reading material, I found reading myself the effect of developing an exercise routine. I was amazed as well as enlightened.

The study said, “If a man sticks to an exercise routine for twelve months, he develops this habit for the rest of his life. Even if he wants to quit, his brain and body will not allow him to do so.”

The above study stands true for every habit, be it good or bad.

Starting a journey is difficult. Start it anyhow. Be patient. Over time you’ll get comfortable.

3. Dance

You can immediately transform your hard work into easy work if you become lively in doing your job.

Let’s say I’ve to write this blog in less than two hours. I know these two hours is going to be the toughest hours of my day.

Now I ask, “What can I do to make it easier?” Play with it. I play a song in the background.

Now I hit the keys with the codes of the music in the background.

I see my fingers dancing on the keyboard. This little finger is not trained as compared to other fingers. It will take her a lot of practice to match her footsteps with other fingers. The index finger is much of a professional. Ring finger is dancing on her own, without caring about getting the steps right.

All in all, you’ve to find the dance, the enjoyment in your work.

4. Smile mindfully

Every morning, as I wake up, I practice deep breathing and form a playful smile. Practicing this, helps me find inner peace. I use this practice as a trigger. As I smile, I get reminded of the simple truth: happiness is what matters most.

I remain stick to my smile even at my workplace. As I’m writing this, I’m smiling. My smile is transforming my hard work into easy work.

Even I lift weight in the gym I try best to stick with a little smile. A smile is the best antidote of all my problems and hard work.

I perceived “smiling” also a habit. The more I practice it, the happier I become. It’s an unfortunate thing to know that on an average we smile only thirty to forty times a day while a child smiles about three hundred times.

Follow what Yoko Ono once said, “Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning, and you’ll see a big difference in your life.”

5. Be like a mother

Embrace yourself and your work. Your work brings the food and comfort. Do not curse yourself and your work. Worship it. Remain in this moment. Treat it as your child.

It’s always difficult to raise a child, but a mother never complains about it. Why? Because she loves him. She does not see her child as a duty or work. She thinks of him as a part of her life. Patiently with love and care, she nourishes him and fulfills his needs.

In the same way, we can also cultivate our work. Then our job does not remain a hard work. It becomes a part of our life. Then the burden of work gets lighter, and we rejoice every moment.

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