Wake Up Early To See Your Life Changing Tremendously

Every day, I wake up around 6 in the morning.

Earlier, I used to get up at 5, sometimes even 4, in the morning, but when I reflected upon my sleeping hours I found that I’m sleeping for only 4-5 hours in the day.

I felt more fatigue and tiredness throughout the day, so I extended my sleeping hours to 7 hours, excluding an hour of siesta.

I try not to waste the time because it is precious. I’ve read so many books and I sum up my opinion regarding time in the words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Araam Haraam Hai (Rest is forbidden)’. The words are simple yet powerful. The one who can understand these few words and apply it can see his life-changing tremendously.

People must understand that happiness never comes from sitting and doing nothing. Happiness is an outcome of our thoughts and actions.

As long as you are taking actions on your thoughts, you feel fulfilment and satisfaction. The moment you stopped taking actions and become lazy, you will be in the state of overthinking. Overthinking gives rise to fear, anxiety, inferiority, depression and other negative emotions.

I take care of my every emotion. Before I start my day, I arrange my thoughts in one place. Unlike most writers, I do not wait for my mind to be creative. If I have a story running in my mind, I write it. Otherwise, I satisfy myself writing about my life. I write faithfully about the things that worked for me in discovering my higher self.

Waking up early in the morning plays an important role in my life. Most importantly, waking up early helped me grow spiritually which is something, as I say, necessary for a man to avoid heart attacks in this competitive world.

Until we do not detach ourselves from our work and its fruits, the constant pressure will always remain within the purview of our life.

My First Few Hours After Waking Up Early In The Morning

Create A List

If you are waking up a few hours before your usual time, you can reflect upon your thoughts, goals and plan your day.

As I mentioned earlier in my post, The Awesome Benefits of Journal Writing, I create a list of the task I’ve to perform throughout the day.

I recommend everyone to write down his goals immediately after waking up. I’m following this rule for the last two years.
Another habit I’ve been following for a long time is refraining from thinking about tomorrow. The thing that really matters is what you are going to do with your life today, not tomorrow, not after one year.

Tomorrow never comes. There is always “today” in our life. It is necessary that we have a clear vision for the future, but we must focus our mind always in the present moment.

Body Is The Temple

After spending ten minutes or so in creating the to-do-list, I stretch my body for a few minutes. Either I would go to the gym or skip the rope for the next one hour.

As a child, I saw my sister skipping the rope. I never gave it a try. But when I read about the benefits of skipping rope, I immediately thought of including it in my lifestyle.

10 minutes of skipping rope are as far as better than 30 minutes of running. In addition, skipping rope involves coordination, rhythm, and strategy. It requires both mental and physical demand.

As Buddha said, ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.’

After including exercise in my morning routine, I’m able to work for a longer period of time without fatigue.

Jaapji By Gurunanak

I play Jaapji by Guru Nanak on my recorder just after taking a cold shower. Then for the next half an hour I would sit on a chair and let the words of Guru Nanak settle down in my sub-conscious mind.

The words of Guru Nanak and Swami Vivekananda have always been my constant support in hard times.

The spiritual books calm my mind and do not let me go astray my path. I try to be honest with the people I meet, the character I develop by reading and understanding the spirituality. The biggest sin you can ever do is hurting others. I remain busy with myself and try not to hurt others.


I seldom visit Temple and Gurudwara. Guru Nanak had said wisely, ‘Ath sath teerath nahaale utry nahee maeil. (You may bathe at the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage, it will not wash the dirt off your body and mind.)’

As now I’m in my hometown, Ganganagar, I’m spending my morning hours in the gym. Now, I hear less of Jaapji. My trainer feels more energetic and happy while training me on Punjabi music.

He often uses swears while pushing me to do a few more reps. ‘Bhanchod, Dum Nhi h k? (Sisterfucker, no strength?)’ are his frequently used words for me.

Breakfast Like A King

I make sure I have a healthy breakfast which includes a high amount of protein. I take it within an hour after my workout.

I eat 5-6 boiled eggs, a glass of milk, a handful of almonds and a couple of roti with the vegetable. As a student, I’m unable to have the same breakfast every time. But I do not go out of my house with an empty stomach. I fill my stomach with fruits or something healthy before starting the day.

For a few months, I drank green tea followed by healthy breakfast. People often complain that the tea is bitter, but if you mix it with honey it will be easy for you to drink. However, I do not use honey. I prefer to drink it without adding flavor or sugar.

Healthy breakfast is very important in the life of a student. Even people who are doing their jobs must not take their health for granted.wake-up-early

People may not have the time for their health, but once they suffer from chronic disease then even after exercising whole day long they cannot free themselves.

As Indians say, ‘Paisa kya h? Haath ki maeil h (What is money? Dirt of hand). Or it is better to sum up the life of a man in the words of an ancient saying, ‘A man spends his half of life in earning money and the remaining in regaining the health from that money.)’

As a youth, I suggest the students of my age to not get mad behind money as such you forget about your health.

Unlike money, health is not the dirt of hand. Once it is gone then it is forever gone. If you do not believe me, ask an ill man what a good health means to him.

Get On The Work

After having the breakfast like a king, I sit for reading and writing. I read around 10-20 pages on the topic I’ve to write in order to fuel myself with the words.

Although I try to make my writing interesting by spicing it with stories, I try to be original and transparent in my writing. Unlike other writers, I do not research before jotting down.

Whenever people suggest to me how they can also develop the habit of writing, I suggest them to be a fool. I recall the words I read, ‘Even a fool can write a book if he only shares his own experience.’

In India, there are many fools who became bestsellers after writing their stories. Remain fool while writing and eventually, you will be a writer.

Writing like a fool also needs great efforts. You’ve to be one-eyed king in the world of the blind. You’ve to narrate or inform your reader in such a way that other people dare to copy your style.

I learned the rule to remain transparent in my writings by an Indian author Khushwant Singh. Though I read various authors, many of my writings are influenced by the books of Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and a few saints and leaders.wake-up-early

I strongly believe that the parents must teach their child how to read and write. Writing not only helps in communicating better but also in expanding the consciousness and in discovering oneself.

English is not necessary, but as the scope of English learning is increasing drastically, students must focus on it. Also, it will help them to communicate around the globe.

Most Indians still read in Hindi. If the student can even write in Hindi or in his own mother tongue, it would be beneficial for him.

70-80 per cent of the success of a man’s life lays in his communication skills and the remaining in technical skills. You may be an avid reader. You may have more knowledge than me, but if you are not standing before the people and representing yourself, your knowledge will remain to yourself.

The knowledge should always be like the flowing water. The more you share it with others and provide value in their life, the more successful in life you become.

Speaking in the public may be a difficult task for most people, but they can learn how to write as a way of communicating with others.

A Long Walk

Sometimes, I do not read and write. Instead, I go on a long walk. I do not feel as a writer until someone comes to me and reminds me that I’ve published a book. I’m a spiritual seeker. I seek not of God but to realize the life.

I go on long walks in the morning and evening, spend a few hours in silence. In solitude, I meditate on my breathing. I allow myself to connect with the plants, animals, and even breeze. If there is any God then He is surrounding us and within us.

Inhale and let Him go inside you. Exhale and let Him connect you with the life. By becoming aware of your breathing pattern, you can soon realize Him. He is neither in temples nor in Mosques. He does not have shape. He does not have a gender. God is an energy which is surrounding us and within us.


Spirituality is a belief. It is a part of every religion. It is an education to make the world a better place to live. If you want to live and let the people live a good life, you must draw yourself towards spirituality. It has the solution to your every problem.

A long walk early in the morning or in the late evening allows me to become spiritually strong. In solitude, I understand the importance of silence.

While you go for a long walk, do deep breathing and focus on it. Deep breathing will refrain from wandering your mind.

How Can You Wake Up Early In The Morning?

Seven Hours Of Sleep And Don’t Be A Night Owl

First, accept that seven hours of deep sleep in the night is necessary for your mind to recharge. Second, waking up early in the morning is also a habit. If you are a night owl then it is going to be difficult for you to reset your biological clock.

Waking up early in the morning has more advantages over working late at night. Although I can write anytime, regardless of day and night, I feel more creative in the morning.

At night when I sit down to write the article or blog, my mind is filled with the talks that I’ve heard throughout the day. I feel less productive. My work becomes a burden on me.

The whole day long, we fight with the negative world and we cannot expect to be positive while creating greatness out of our work.

While working in the morning, your mind is fresh, productive and creative.wake-up-early

What You Really Want To Do In The Morning?

It is also difficult to get up early an hour before your usual time unless you are not motivated. Every night before going to bed, think about the things you’ve to accomplish the next day.

For me, my health is first. If my body is functioning well then I can expect good from my mind. Body and mind are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. If your mind is upset, your body is upset. If your body is disturbed, your mind will create trouble too.

I set alarm for continuously one month when I was developing the habit of waking up early. But now, after taking the seven hours of deep sleep at night, I get up on time naturally. Now, I do not need the alarm anymore.

Drink a glass of water just after waking up will help to activate your brain.

The most important thing you need to find the purpose of your life. What you really want to be? By what name you want people to call you? Why are you here on this planet?

I’ve written a lot on purpose in our life which you can read here.

At last, again I want to remind you that investing in your body and mind will be the highest investment you will ever do.

I wrote everything about how waking up early helped me in living a good life. Are you like me who wakes up early? What do you do to stretch your mind and body? Do you think I’ve missed something in the post? If so then you can share it with me in the comments below.


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9 thoughts to “Wake Up Early To See Your Life Changing Tremendously”

  1. Thank you very much for this writing. Usually I woke earlier during working days. But at weekends I can’t. But this s a motivating one. I have a clarification. U have told skipping is a good exercise. But. Whether it is good for married ladies. Some Sa it is not advisable. Kindly clarify

    1. Skipping rope is like any other aerobic activity. If you can do walking, jogging, running and even dancing without trouble you can do skipping rope.

      It is a misconception that it harms to the uterus. A pregnant woman must avoid doing it and opt for other physical activities. During the end of monthly cycle, women can take off and can go for brisk walking

      Unlike running, it causes fewer injuries to your knees and ankle. I’ve been doing it for over two months every day. Once, you’ve learned how to jump in a right way, you can avoid those fewer injuries as well.

      Skipping rope is fun. You can do it anytime. Paying attention to your body is the best way to understand what works and what does not.

  2. It’s totally right.As I too started walking and I noticed that the few days it’s like a burden bt as it becomes a habits it gives a lot of freshness.Well u r a good writer and all d best fr ur blogs and books…….

    1. Yes, once you try to spend a few hours in solitude and reflect your life, you will get massive ideas to change your life. You will also move towards a new level of spirituality in silence.
      Most of the time, I remain alone and it helps me a lot in understanding myself in a better way. 🙂
      Thank you so much for connecting, Sneha.

  3. A good rule is always right. But way to passing on is tremendous task. It’s vry rare people who think abt the right thoughts but vry vry rare who follow and serve to follow. It’s only a writer can do. Keep it up.

    1. That is so true… But anyone can follow the routine if he is motivated enough to change his life. Yeah modelling the words in life is very difficult. But that is how people become extraordinary from ordinary. 🙂

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