Why worry about future?

Why Worry About The Future, You Fool? – 3 Simple Steps To Control Mind

I don’t worry about the future. Not because I’m hiding my head in the sand but because I figured out that whatever the future was going to be, the thing I had to do was to quiet my mind and open my heart and do what I could to end suffering. – Ram Dass

It happens to me a lot of time that I find myself dwelling and distressing about the future. And when it does, I’m unable to focus on anything. The heart is restless as if it is the day before the apocalypse.

Everything looks frightening, vague and dangerous. And in no time I come down with overthinking. A small problem has now burgeon forth and turned into a snowball effect.

You don’t believe me but I love these situations. Yes, it’s totally fine that I’m in a state of overthinking and the monstrous thoughts are swallowing my peace of mind.

Well, the human mind has a tendency to jump from one thought to another and that’s why it is called ‘Monkey Mind’.

But it’s not at all fine to let the unpleasant thoughts make the life ugly.

I’ve Seen three kinds of people

First are those who always seem to be aloof. They are the unhappiest people. They seldom smile. If you go nearby them, they will disappoint you too. They’ve millions of facts and reasons to make you unhappy.

You tell them about your dreams and they will give you a thousand cases of people who failed to achieve the same. They are the one who sparks the chain reaction in your mind about the uncertain future.

Second are those who are trained in avoiding such situations. These people often take ‘sleep’ as a way of escapism. They always feel lethargic. They don’t want to wake up and go around bamboozling themselves and remain lukewarm throughout the life.

And the third type of people is very rare to find. They are a kind of monks and saints. I’ve only come across them in books.

They taught me what people around me could ever do.

Like a companion, they assist me when I break down. They act as a bulwark against the unmindful thoughts that have been thrown towards me. They guide me as a hard-taskmaster who often yell ‘Why worry about the future, you fool? Control your mind.’ and order me to come back in the present.

I always share the same truths with my readers. You can join our community too.


As I always say, I’m indebted to the pearls of wisdom I received from the books I read. Over the years, I’ve modeled so many steps to control my mind and among them, I’ve concluded three simple steps to overcome the disastrous emotions.

Narrow It Down To One Thing

After waking up in the morning, create a to-do list. Write down as many activities as you want to do for today.

Here is the fun – Don’t follow the to-do list.

Yes, you don’t actually have to spend your day in achieving all the goals in one day you set for yourself. There is always tomorrow. If you focus on too much, you’ll eventually clutter your mind and get overwhelmed.

  • Ask yourself ‘what is that one important goal I achieve today that will improve my life?’
  • Spend about ten minutes and pick out one-important-task-of-the-day from your to-do list.
  • Make sure the selected goal is too big to achieve that you’ve to sit for at least 5 to 6 hours. Remember, big goals demands more time, self-discipline and more focus. Like an average man, never aim too low.

Multitasking mars the productivity. Achieving one thing at a time makes all the difference. All artists are expert in one field because they invested their time and money in one skill.

A derogatory cliché, avoid being the jack of all trades and become the master of one, absolutely stands true.

Find the Buddha

As I mentioned earlier, I love when my mind brings me in a state of overthinking. It is the only time I find my true self.

If you read the teachings of Buddhism, you will find the Buddha proclaiming that He can only be found in suffering. There is no way to find Buddha unless you are in pain.

To overcome frustration, watch out the behavior of your mind.

  • Sit in the lotus position and close your eyes.
  • Watch out what your mind is doing (Most often, it is switching from one thought to another). Watch out your breathes if you lose the track.
  • After five minutes or so, you will catch the mind. Order it. Like a kid, it has to stop playing and has to heed you.
  • You can tell your mind to keep silent and don’t play around.

Yes, it’s meditation. When I’m overwhelmed I enjoy the waves of emotions in meditation. I’ve improved my meditation from 12 minutes to 18 minutes a day.

Every time you sit for meditation, you’ll learn to conquer the demons. You can start by setting your timer for 10 minutes.

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Don’t Let The Mind Think of Future Problems

The bugbear mind tends to think of problems. It doesn’t leap directly on the solutions until we force it to do so. To not lose the sight of truth, when misfortune falls on us we only think about the problems and negatives.

First, you cannot solve your problems unless you’re peaceful within. Second, it is nearly impossible to focus on the solution when your mind is wandering. Now, what to do?

To resolve your dilemma and to declutter your mind, write about the problems.

Do not underestimate the habit of writing. Writing is the best alternative to meditation. Once you vomit down all your thoughts, you feel lighter. Now the mind doesn’t prompt you to focus on the problem. It’s clear now. You’ve your worries right in front of you, on the paper.

Now, pick a pen and think on paper. Search the solutions instead of beating around the setback.

  • Read about Thomas Edison. He was not worried how to invent the bulb. He was more focused on the solution and before inventing the bulb, he found one thousand ways in which the bulb can’t be glown.

Our problems are not as big as inventing something. They are so small. You don’t need to search for one thousand ways. You need one. Once, you find out the solution, don’t sit idle. You know the way to conquer the obstacles. Take immediate actions.

Develop the same discipline and attitude of being a solution-finder rather than overthinking about the obstacles. Become action oriented on one goal. Be so busy in your life that your mind has no time to overthink.

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