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Sometimes, You Can’t Control The Life – Why Is It So?

Do you find yourself in the circumstances where you can’t control the life? If the reply is affirmative, you can go on and read this blog because I’ve been through countless phases in life where I also find difficult to control the situations around me.

Yes, it happens to me so many times that I’m unable to practice the routine in the same way that I usually do. For instance, last night I created a to-do list that I had to follow the next morning. The list includes meditation, research work, shower, journal writing, starting a new blog and so on.

But as I mentioned earlier – sometimes, we can’t control what life throws at us.

As soon as I wake up and settled myself for reading and writing, my mother told me that there are no vegetables at home and I had to go to the market immediately to fetch them.

As my mother is a school teacher, she can’t go late to her job. So, I can’t deny her as well.

As I walked down the streets to the market, I was upset and annoyed. Unhappy thoughts begin to clutter my mind. I thought as much negative as I could –Why it happens to me every day? Why I always can’t get what I expect? Why I’m so unlucky?

Lost in my own thoughts, while returning to the home I stumbled and fell down on the ground. The vegetables came off the plastic bag. My trousers were torn off from the knees and I believed that I’ve really got a bad day. Not only a bad day but a bad life.

I thought about the rich kids who are so lucky to have everything in life. I cursed the God for being so cruel to me.

However, there was no choice. I had to return to the market and buy fresh vegetables. It took me a lot of time to return to home. And no sooner I reached at home than my mother was standing at the door with her eyebrows pulled down together.

She rebuked me for being so irresponsible and dumb. It broke me down. I was hurt and had no words to say.

It was after my parents went to their jobs and left me behind in the house that I felt a bit relaxed. I turned on the laptop and began to search the reason why such disastrous incidents occur in one’s life.

Eventually, after surfing the internet for two long hours, I came across something that made me dumbfounded.

Here is a reason why it’s good that you can’t control life

There was a King who had a trusted advisor. This advisor was a wise man and could solve any problem that he had delivered with. But he would always smile and say one thing after an unfortunate event occurs, “That’s great. Let it be and accept it,”

The king was always confused by his expression.

One day, it happened to the king that one of his fingers got chopped off while hunting in the forest. Helpless king asked the advisor that why such an unfortunate incident had happened to him, especially after serving his people with love and care.

The wise man reverted with a smile, “That’s great. Let it be and accept it.”

This remark filled the king with resentment, “You’ve been eating my food and living from my wealth, and now you only have these nonsense words to say… you think it’s great?”

The king perceived him to be mad and ordered his soldiers to imprison him.

The people who were helped by the wise man in the past visited him and asked how he was doing. The wise man calmly said, “That’s great. Let it be and accept it.” The people were convinced that the man was out of his brain.

The next day, the king again went for hunting, far away in the forest. Suddenly, he was captured by the cannibal tribe dwelling there. The cannibal was already searching for a perfect sacrifice for the “festival of sacrifice”. Luckily, they got the king.

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As the shaman prepared for the ritual and examined the king, he found that one of the king’s fingers was missing. According to their customs, they need a perfect body. If they sacrifice the king, they would bring God’s curse upon them.

At last, they decided that king was not worthy and released him.

With great relief and shock, the king figured out that if it wasn’t for the finger he had lost, he would have lost his life. The king recalled the smile of his wise advisor, “That’s great. Accept it and let it be.”

He realized what the wise man said was right. He released the wise man and asked him, “What’s so great about you being behind the bars?”

The wise man reverted with a smile, “Your majesty, if I had not been here, I would have gone hunting with you and I would have been captured by the tribe too. As you were not perfect for them, they set you free. But for me, I would have been sacrificed by the tribe. So, it was great that you imprisoned me.” Like I always say, “Accept it and let it be.”

Life Lesson

It’s alright if we can’t control the life. When life throws difficulties on our way then we must accept it, instead of getting disheartened. If my mother had not sent me to the market to fetch the vegetables and if I had not fallen down on the ground, I would not have been searched the reason behind my ill-luck.

There is always a reason behind what happens in our life. We might not find it right now, but in a long run, we’ll be able to connect the dots.

I’ve understood it and hope you would accept it too.

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