Without Death You Cannot Understand Life

Without Death You Cannot Understand Life

Without Death You Cannot Understand Life

As a child, I believed in God, but by and by my perceptions took the different path according to my experiences. Now, I say there is no god. Religion is true, but if we are following any God then we are living in the illusion.

For me, life itself is God. This life is heaven and here dwells the hell as well.

This day is bliss. Before sunset, live. Remember, you have to live it before sunset. Sunset is the sign of death. Haven’t you ever felt amiss when day turns softly to night? Everyone feels.

Sunset is the sign of loneliness. When sunsets, our death that is nowhere but inside us try to eat us. That is another reason why so many people run for alcohol after sunset. They feel alone. They cannot bear loneliness so they run for addiction. They wanted to escape from their death, with the life.

Sunrise and sunset are similar to life and death. In fact, where there is life, there is death. When you were born you inhale and when you will die you exhale. Death and loneliness come from inside.

No external force can bring death. Every night, after sunset, we die and then we reborn the next morning.

Now, the question is who created the earth, stars, and the life? According to Vedanta’s philosophy (Vol.1: Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda), there exists an unstable, motionless particle called as ‘Akash’.

Then the forces — repulsion, attraction, gravity — called as ‘Praan’. Praan began acting upon the Akash, the motionless particle, and start projecting or creating more and more grosser forms — plants, animals, life… Then evolution stopped and involution began. Through this process, came ‘Math’.

Math is nothing but a cosmic mind that is within in our body. Cosmic mind is not brain or head. It is different. It has the ability to connect itself with Praan and Akash.

We have seen saints and guru portraying mountains, fields, valleys beautifully. This is what happens when we connect cosmic mind with Praan and Akash. That is what Jesus, Mohammad, Guru Nanak.

As I always say, ‘If J.K Rowling had come earlier before Jesus and Mohammad, then Harry Potter would be our God and the magic school would be the heaven. The people would fight to reach the magic-school.’

I’m a follower of religion but my religion is not to pray portraits and kill humankind. Jesus, Mohammad made the religion with the vision of brotherhood. The words they wrote are the same for everyone. It is just how we human beings interpret.

I encourage you to celebrate your death every day. It is necessary to experience the death so you can understand the life. You cannot understand life before death.

Haven’t you seen people lying on their deathbeds reflect upon their past and find that they have done nothing good with their life? Some people even do not know when they entered old age. Most people understand this while lying on their death bed.

The people around us live upon logic and reasoning, but the truth is the life cannot be lived through concepts and theories of others.

Moreover, I am not interested in the words of others. Let me know what you think. Let me know what concepts and theories you have. The prophets and messengers are gone. Let them be there where they are. We don’t need them.

It is useless to fight on the books they wrote. Our only responsibility is to read their words and through them find our own journey.

I did no reading in my school. It is just a year ago when I start reading books. Now, I read one book a month. I study it. Each and every line raises me to a new level of spirituality.

There are a lot of people who read books. I feel pity for the people who read books and are unable to change their life. They are insulting books. They are insulting writers. Not writers. You can find a writer in each and every street of your city. They are insulting philosophers.

Don’t say that you are a bookworm. You are only a worm. Bury yourself in the ground or go somewhere where all the worms live because with them you feel secure and comfortable.

My words are harsh. I am a quarrelsome too. Often I do arguments. Truly, I love arguments because it is necessary to lift the curtain from the truth. If we don’t speak, the priest, politician and even our thoughts will eat us.

Sometimes, my own thoughts play havoc with me. It’s the game of our stupid brain. The only solution is we have to celebrate death every day in order to start a new life.

Understand Death Before Life

The youth of the country quotes, ‘It is better to cry in BMW than on cycle.’ I don’t know why they want to cry. They can even laugh in BMW. But if they are crying in BMW than the man laughing on the bicycle is living better.

I am not saying it is bad to be rich. In fact, I often speak, ‘Poverty is a curse.’ I only want to tell you that money is not everything. Man, waste half of his life in earning wealth and the remaining half in regaining health.

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote in Gitanjali, ‘The song I came to sing remains unsung this day.’ Rabindranath Tagore was also celebrating his death while writing the lines. However, he too got late in understanding the life. This poem is about his regret of not living the life he thought to live.

A man is crying and sharing the agony of his life and we fools are praising his writing style. Writers are like God for students of literature and now, you see, the same students are insulting writers, their deities.

The word ‘profession’ is itself incorrect. When you link your love with the profession, it does not remain love. It becomes your business. Then like a pimp you sell your love as if it is a prostitute.

Writing is not my profession. It is my love. It is not a prostitute. It is my soul. It is not for communicating. It is to understand myself better. It is not to entertain people. It is to lift the society from lower truth to higher.

If you meet me, you can’t say that I’m a writer. You hardly believe that I can write something. You will be surprised. I don’t look like a writer at all.

Writing is not for me. It is my soul’s voice. Through this song I’ve found my soul and through this I will depart from this world. It is in my breaths, it is in my body. As I inhale, through cosmos, I get new thoughts.

I’m spreading these thoughts in this world with my every breath. This is my gift. This is what I got when I came into this world.

Don’t die like Rabindranath Tagore with yearnings in your hearts. Die now. Celebrate your death. Don’t run from life. Don’t run in life too. Enjoy this beautiful present. Future is an illusion. The Past has gone. The present is bliss.

Remember, I am interested in your theories. The prophets and messengers are gone. Let them be there where they are. Tell me, what you think. I am eager to hear your words.

The world is willing to hear your song. Celebrate your death every day so that the next morning you are ready to start a new life.

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  1. i think the title attracted me the most…because death is eternal…cant deny it..
    and yes if we understand this..life would be far simple and joyful…
    its really good..

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